Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What should I tell my friends for helping me out yesterday...?

Question: ok my friends all stayed and helped me out because not last night but the night before my dad and me got into a fight and he threatened me. I was scared to go home and I wanted to go to my friend Becca's house. My mom wouldn't let me though and she told the counsler if I didn't come home she was calling the cops, well with me being very scared and all my best friends that I can ever have stayed there with me and tried to talk me in to going home and staying in my room. I finally said ok and they all took me home. Then When I was getting out I got my finger stuck in Becca's side door will trying to let my friend Bry outof the back. I don't know what I can do to thank them?? I wrote Becca a note but I don't know if I will see her.. Can anyone help me??

Answer: make them all macaroni picture frame with a group photo
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