Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How many candles are burning in your home right now?

QuestionI have in the living room...and a small one in the kitchen......I love candles...don't you?

Best Answer: Judy, I can't go a day without my candles. There's just something about candles that can sooth me like nothing else.
To be honest, I will spend more money on candles than anything else. I'm not a very materialistic person but I will go over- board when buying candles. lol

It's about 10:00pm here and I have 6 candles burning.

I have two burning in my bathroom and three in the livingroom where I am currently on my laptop. The other is in my kitchen. 

I love taking a nice hot bath with my candles glowing. 

That's when I'm at my most relaxed.
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