Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi My Date of Birth is 9th october 1982, 18:20 hours in kolkata. Can i be successful in farm product bussiness?

Question: I have Mithun Rashi but Rahu is also placed in Mithun... I have saturn and jupiter together in tula. I have sun mercury (retrogate) and venus in kanya. I want to know wether i will have any heigher education? Also saturn in 7th house denote problem in married life and very late much difficult will be my married life...I also have Mangal in scorpio...most of the astrologer said that mangal in its own sign in mesha lagna cancels the mangalik dosh...Is that really so??? please help

One more issues is neechasta venus with tungasta mercury gets a bepareet raj least thats what many people said?? does that means i can be into music compositions and guitating etc??

Answer: my deepest apologies, but finding someone with the ability to tell you your future over the internet. only a psychic with that sort of ability could tell you.
you also don't really give enough detail for anyone to know.
i have some psychic ability, and even though this is not my area of expertise, i can tell you that much.

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