Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you think this is a sign from GOD or not?

Question: I have prayed hard to GOD about my not being female but feeling like one. I have felt this way for twelve just about as early as I can remember. I have never been able to relate with boys my age. I have felt unfamiliar with them I guess because my dad left when I was 3 and I was raised around my mother and older sister that I looked up to. Around other boys I feel much shyer towards which isn't the case with girls. I have asked GOD to remove these feelings from me and to make me feel comfortable with what he made me. I would still be praying about it now if it weren't for what happenned two months ago I was diagnosed with xx male syndrome. I thought not much of it because they said my x chromosome had y material. It's a meiosis thing. Then results came in and I found out I was negative which means I had no y material and my xx chrosmoomes were truly xx chromosomes. Why would GOD make me this way if HE knew I felt very female in the first place? Wouldn't HE have waited if HE wanted to point me in the direction of being a man? Or made me feel very comfortable in my more so masculine body if that was what HE wanted for me? I know I have just asked a lot of questions but it would be very helpful if someone could tell me what they think of it?

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