Monday, August 3, 2009

Do you think I would get caught sneaking out?

Question: Now before you say anything, NO i'm not sneaking out of my house. I just wonder if i did would i get caught. Ok so i snuck out alot before until my sister kinda told on me and my parents looked on my myspace page which had evidence. They didn't punish me but told me not to do it again, so i didn't. Then my parents decided to get a divorce so im definatly not gonna do it because i dont want to hurt them more. But i just want to know that if i didnt put that on my myspace page and my sister didnt know i snuck out do you think i would get caught? I used to oil the door henges and put a dummy in my bed. I would also lock the door behind me with a spare key. And i dont have an alarm. So what do you think?

Sneak out to original question here.

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