Friday, July 3, 2009

Ramadan: I am awaiting to convert to Islam but I have a problem?

Question: Hi my names Justin and I'm am uhh like the umm "the hot guy" if u know what I mean. But I want to convert to islam but umm what about the babes? like, i like girls and they like me :D. but some times it gets annoying. like i see hos every day telling me "omg hey justin, i love you" we hug and stuf blah blah but sometimes i get texts 80 million text from 80 million people saying "omg justin what color should i paint my nails" "what color dress should i wear tommorrow" "can u come over to see my dress" like WDF. but uhh ok im getting to the point. can u do this in islam. cuz i like islam and islam is 100% perfect. i am very smart. i read alot about islam and the scientific miracles. but the thing is, no more girls hanging out with guys :OOOO thats like a crime! how can i stay in islam while doing this. if i cant then how am i gonna tell my friends this -.-

seriously help! i stoped getting gfs becuz of islam cuz i was scared wen my muslim friend told me a story :'( im 16 turning 17. i like hockey, football, surfing, basketball , i skate blah blah.. im buff :D pretty muscled guy. gals love me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH help? :'(


Anonymous said...

okay, so that mite be really hard or not hard at all. Its really cool that you're interested in islam, and it isn't as strict as it seems. Some muslims are very strict, some don't care at all, and some are in the middle. Here's what i do, its OKAY to talk to girls, and hang out and everything, but stay away from, you know, "extremes" if you get what i'm saying... no extreme touching and stuff, hugging is enough, and no making out, idk about kissing... dress properly, pray, etc. i'm a 15 year old girl, and i don't really date yet, but i have tons of guy friends, so maybe you should just stick to have friend-girls... You can always start dating when you're older, someone you really like and everything, but stay away from extremes. hope i helped :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Justi
I am happy to know that a young teenager like you has a good mind and understanding. You have to choosen the right path of life to be happy and successful. Islam is the best religion and the fastest growing religion in the west.
Justin just think this way.. according to a statistical study in US, most women before getting married to a guy have "intimate relations" with at least 8 different guys before settling with one. Its mainly coz there are no restrictions ,no limits.
Islam teaches you a good simple and yet peaceful and happy way of life. Wouldnt you want to marry a girl in future who is pure and had not had any extreme relations with other guys in the past? Who would be entirely faithful to you and close to God?

There are hundreds of diseases spreading coz of intimate relations between teenagers. Islam is nor strict, it sets boundaries and limits.
When you go for an exam , you have certain rules and regulations to follow. You cant just cheat all the way. Coz at the end you will suffer..
You can be extremely happy by following Islam completely. All you need is someone to guide you properly.I have seen so many happily married muslim couples. They are so content with their lives. You can be as well . Just try to read english translation of Quran. I can give you a couple of good websites..

try these websites. Try to live a good clean and simple life. I guarantee you, you will be one of the happiest and most content in your life.

May Allah Guide you

Take care

Anonymous said...

Justin *

Chillz said...

Dude, you can be mulsim, christian, jewish, whatever, and still do what you want.
Religion is between you, yourself and God.
You can sleep with women, do drugs, drink alcohol, and still be a good muslim.

Sabby said...

Hi Justin,
I do understand what you mean. There is no extremism in Islam though. if you're a Muslim you have to try your best to follow all the rules. It's for your own good, and it's between your self and god (remember whether you are a muslim or not god is watching u). One of the most important sayings from the prophet pbuh is that "every action has an intension". Whatever you do is k as long as ur intention is pure. If you do something without intending to do it God will forgive you (if he wills). For example i think you can accept a hug from a girl, because it's rude not to, as long as ur intention is to not offend the girl i think it is alright. but you have to try your best to avoid this. And accepting a hug doesn't mean that you can hug her back (that is something you might be able to avoid).
What you can do is take it easy this year, go ahead and convert to Islam, because if you die the next minute you might regret not doing it. When you move from high school to university, try not to make friends with too many girls. go step by step. And with every new day make a little effort to be a better muslim. God is the most merciful. Get help from someone who thinks rationally and who is knowledgeable Islamically. Good luck to you.. I will pray for you inshallah.
Since you are a guy who's used to having girls around u, I think it might be hard for u, but if you pray to god and ask god to make it easy for you... you don't have to worry about anything.
Try your best to learn more about Islam. go to Islamic conferences etc.
If you accept islam and start living your life according to islam, then I think you are going to be a blessed person. Especially since you are making sacrifices for the sake of god, god will definitely make it easy (if he wills), There's nothing impossible if you have god by your side!

Anonymous said...

Well, Justin. I have one thing to tell you. Islam is the most hypocrite religion ever. Guys can sleep with girls but not vice versa because they wouldn't want those girls, they want them "pure" but it is ok for guys not being "pure". Islam it's about appearances, you should behave well in the day but in the night "Allah is sleeping" if you know what I mean. And it's not just the things I say it is the things I saw while being in various Muslim countries, actually living there, not like a tourist. And I just got sick and tired of all this hypocrisy. Plus I have many Muslim friends who were telling me all this stuff trying to get me reconsider my thoughts about Islam and how great it is, like you will get plenty of virgins when you get to heaven if you're Muslim, I mean think about it, you go to heaven just to have sex with virgins???!! Isn't that just sick? So, find another way.

P.S. For all of you defenders of Islam, don’t bash my comment, it is my opinion and it would be useless to explain how wrong I am. BTW, I was born Muslim but I am happy that I am not anymore. Peace

Ismail said...

hey last commentor when v go 2 heaven v have pure minds not perverted minds
so ven v go 2 heaven v dont have sex with them k, and even guys shud b pure allright look at catholic priests:they molest kids,jewish ppl theyre driving ppl (palestinians) out of there home if u READ the Quran properly u will c wat i mean nderstand.Oh and Justin u made a wise choice may Allah bring u 2 heaven
p.s v dont have sexial organs in heaven

neha shaikh said...

Muzzies why do you people lie......y are those houries with sweeling breast, virgins, free of menses, are you going to play tic tac toe with those virgins....ur sick sex maniac mohammed madeup that x rated heaven in his mind to please male and get an army to fight

cutie said...

acctually u came have a gf if u both plan on marrying each other. Nothing much, no speeches. Its as simple as that.