Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you feel guilty ?

Question: when you need to expose some of your body for others? in public?

See original question here.


Sarah said...

Apparently this person is not a practicing Christian. How shameful!

Stu said...

The world deserves to see the fineness (even if it doesn't know it yet)

scratchmarks said...

we only feel guilty in the nude if we have lies and dirty secrets that we feel are metaphoricaly on display for all to see when we're in the nude.
i have nothing to hide so i'm cool with being nude infront of anyone.
i only have 3 reasons for wearing clothes in public:1, public nudity is illegal. 2, i only just bought some realy pwitty things i want to wear to parties. and 3, it's winter and it's fucking cold!