Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Should I invite these asians to my party?

Party info:
-A party of 20-30, friends from school and outside the school (ages 15-19)
- Dress up party/semi-formal( like a prom but tie is suit and tie are optional)
-I'm the host (all expenses are on me)
- Reason: celebrating the end of a good school year
-10 PM A teen club/bar which can serve alcohol if there's an adult supervision, I happen to have friends who are 18 years old coming to my party..(my friends from Rotary Interact)
-Around 12 Midnight, we go to my house, have drinks while swimming, then games or play, then we all sleepover

Why am I planning now?:
Because early reservation is required for this bar because it's always full in summer.

My question:
Should I invite these asians(Vietnamese, Filipinos, Chinese, etc.) to my party?

My reason not to:
1 I'm not comfortable with them because I think they won't enjoy my party....since I think they're not use to the culture of parties and the majority of people are white
2 I'm not really friends with them, but we talk sometimes
3 Awkward sometimes

My reason to invite them:
1I don't want to be perceived as racist or an elitist
2Well, I know them.....

I'm just wondering, because right now I am really confused...

Uhmm but I almost don't talk to these asian people...

and I was once involved in a word-fight between this viet guy who thought that i was hitting on her asian girlfriend..AHHH!

private school btw..

Answer 1: Don't invite them IMO they don't know how to party

Answer 2: If you invite the's going to turn into a dance me..

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