Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can you rap about me?

Question: Can you rap about me?
I'm 25, 6'3, overweight, I live with my parents, and am broke. My life is a struggle. Can you write a rap about me? Best one wins.
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo
So my life is struggle, I don't like to juggle
I’m a fatty fat pants, I even eat ants
I’m twenty five, but at this weight who knows why I’m alive
Some wonder why I’m tall, am I even human at all
I never get any calls; I don’t even reach the mall
I always order in, and wonder why everyone’s so thin
I wish I could go out more, but I can’t fit through my door

Parents don’t want me anymore, cleaning up my crumbs is a chore
They want me to live on my own, cause they think I’m too grown
I post stupid questions on yahoo answers, while I’m at the computer eating apetizers

Chorus: (sing to the beat of we fly high by Jim Jones)
I stay broke, no joke, and you notice
twenty five, no lies
I'm alone and
So sad, no plaid

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Eunice said...

Wow. Just... wow.